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Sky-High 2022

Sky-High is the IAS's Irish Astronomy Almanac, published in December each year. It is now in its 30th year. The core sections deal with events in the sky for the year ahead, including a Diary of carefully selected events. Also included are a selection of different articles from year to year.

Editor: John O'Neill.

What's in Sky-High for 2022:
Sky Diary for 2022; The Planets in 2022; Comets in 2022; Meteors Showers in 2022; Asteroids in 2022; Variable Stars in 2022; Eclipses in 2022; Space Science Missions 2022; "Neutrinos - Catch One if Catch Can"; "Astronomy in the Freezer"; "Starry, starry night: poetry and the night sky" and more.

It features a colour gallery and has 28 A4 pages. Apart from the guest articles by Patricia Carroll, Angela O'Connell and James O'Connor, the new material was written by John O'Neill.

IAS members are mailed a free printed copy of Sky-High as a benefit of membership. An electronic version of Sky-High (pdf) is available to IAS members only, on request, by email (for their own private use only).

How to get Sky-High 2022 (printed copy)

Sky-High 2022 is now available for purchase:

Note that Sky-High is a free benefit of IAS membership.

Sky-High is written and produced by voluntary effort. All proceeds go to the Irish Astronomical Society (for the benefit of Amateur Astronomy).

Sky-High Extra

A new page giving up to date information and resources.

Sky-High 2022 Erratum

Page 12 in the Table for the Partial Eclipse on 25 October: For the heading "alt" read "max magnitude". The Sentence below the Table should be then: "The altitude of the Sun at maximum, In Ireland, varies from 17° on the North Coast to 19° on the South Coast."

Sky-High Archive

Previous issues of Sky-High from 2004 to 2021 are available as a free of charge PDF download. Click on the covers below. They may not be sold or modified. They may be downloaded and printed for your personal use only.

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